Punchlist acts like a bridge from stakeholders directly to your existing workflows, whatever they may be. Save time and effort by getting rich feedback directly without following up or changing the tools that already work.

Task Management

File Managment


Directly upload files from Dropbox with your Punchlist comments to know exactly what files go with what feedback. Punchlist also lets you start image-based projects directly from Dropbox files.

Continuous Integration


Tugboat with Punchlist combines the fastest platform to automate the creation of preview and test environments with the best way to gather QA and content feedback.




Leverage the power of Zapier’s amazing 3000+ Integrations to do amazing things with your Punchlist projects. Punchlist has triggers in Zapier for new items, comment updates, items marked done, and more.




Punchlist in Slack allows project creation to happen directly from your Slack channels. Drop some image files in Slack for review, and Punchlist will automatically ask if you want to build a feedback project for those files. Have a channel for design critiques? Punchlist can watch for new URLs and build web projects from those as well.

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Punchlist gathers all of your design & content feedback — in one place